Trade. In Dinan, a beer cellar opens in Rue de la Chaux. post thumbnail image

Trade. In Dinan, a beer cellar opens in Rue de la Chaux.

The owners of the bar “Les Oiseaux de passage” are diversifying their offer and now offer a beer cellar, where you can now find 150 different kinds of collection beers.

Marie Houdus and Erwan Hingant, owners of the bar “Les Oiseaux de Passage”, are now also the owners of a new beer cellar in Dinan (Côtes d’Armor), “La cave des Oiseaux”.

They set it up on Rue de la Chaux, almost opposite their bistro.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while now.The confinement gave us time to refine our project and forced us to think about other ways of doing it.envisage our job”, explains the couple, passionate about beers, guided above all “by the desire to share this passion”.

150 references at the moment

A total of 150 beers are referenced in their new business, “including some that are already made at the bar”, beers from small independent producers:

“These are handcrafted products, in all colours, blondes, brunettes, whites… and all flavours.

Foreign, French and Breton beers

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Mostly organic beers, coming from many countries, Belgium of course, but also Denmark, England and even Estonia, and Quebec, among other geographical origins.

In the midst of the foreigners, the beers of French manufacture are in a good place on the shelves of the Cave des Oiseaux.

Local producers are not forgotten, beers from Dinan, Fréhel and Bécherel, among other Breton craft beers, are highlighted.

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