No, a brand of hydroalcoholic gel is not responsible for these spectacular blisters

On the left, a hydroalcoholic gel from the Farah brand.On the right, two hands deformed by impressive pustules.The message? The first would be responsible for the seconds.This is what we can read in this post on Facebook seen over two million times:

“Emergency: Hand sanitizer gel called“ FARAH ”circulates in the markets attention caution because it causes serious skin disease.Please do not use it to preserve your health."

Why this is wrong

This photograph of particularly damaged hands has been circulating for several weeks on the Internet.The Indian verification site DigitEye traces its appearance, associated with the supposed effect of hydroalcoholic gels, to June 20, on Twitter, without mentioning a particular brand.

Asked by Le Monde, Martine Bagot, dermatologist at Saint-Louis hospital (Paris), confirms the improbability of the thesis:

"It seems to me impossible that the hydroalcoholic gel induces these lesions.At worst, it could be a bullous eczema, but it would take repeated applications, over long periods, on already existing lesions to have such an appearance."

However, specialists warn about the risk of injury following the use of artisanal disinfectant products when their alcohol content is too high.

The mentioned Farah lotion is not marketed in France, but in Tunisia, the country from which the image on the left came, which was then associated with the photo on the right, which came from India, and the rumor has been circulating since end of August on Arabic-speaking social networks.

False rumors based on similar images, accusing hydroalcoholic gels of spectacular skin reactions, were already circulating in the spring.

Posted Date: 2020-10-09

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